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 The creme de la creme of facials. Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic facial. This balancing facial also softens and plumps your lips and brightens and tightens the eye area. Your face will look and feel fabulous.$120 / 90 mi

Skin Care
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Tranquility Facial

The beautifying and skin-renewing facial restores the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. It reestablishes softness and vibrancy, especially to skin that is aging. This treatment is specifically designed to help your skin and regenerate new skin cells. $85/60 min.

Relaxing Back Facial

This treatment will help with backs that are prone to breakouts, dry, or just hard-to-reach. Gentle cleansing, steam, and exfoliating will help

eliminate impurities. After the treatment, you will

enjoy a relaxing back massage

using a moisturizer. $75 / 60 min.

Back Massage
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The skin is deeply cleansed and gently exfoliated, followed by a soothing massage of the face, neck and decollete. Based on the desires of the client and the consultation with our esthetician, specific treatments are then implemented which could be microdermabrasion, lactic or glycolic chemical peels in various strengths, the use of oxygen or high frequency machines. These more specific facials target problem areas and help rejuvenate and restore the clients skin to enhance their appearance and improve the problem areas 
$95.00 and up / 60 min

Wedding Bouquet

  This relaxing treatment promotes early habits for skincare and hygiene. The specialized facial starts with a thorough skin analysis, then a deep-cleansing and balancing, followed by a peel and gentle steaming. Extractions are performed as needed, and a sensitive skin enzyme masque is applied. $65/60 minutes  

Stone Mortar and Pestle
Spa Treatment

Gentlemen's Facial 

Customized treatments to target specific skin care concerns men face such as dullness, sensitivity from shaving, damage from environmental elements and yes, aging. Men are concerned with lines and wrinkles too. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam to open the pores, a target specific serum based on their needs, a mask application and moisturizer or spf are applied. There is also significant facial, neck and shoulder massage as well as hand foot massages during the processing time of the mask that was applied. $68/60 min

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